Dermalogica professional facial treatments

By Aromatic Secret


The moment your skin changed. forever.

Why Aromatic Secret?

  • Our trained Dermalogica skin therapists will analize your skin comprehensively - Face Mapping® Skin Analysis to plan your personalized skin fitness for your healthiest future skin.
  • The treatment experience that not only feels amazing but delivers incredible results.
  • We are using Dermalogica professional products – the world’s #1 professional’s choice:  No artificial colours, No synthetic fragrances, No SD alcohol, No lanolin, No mineral oils, No formaldehyde, No comedogenic ingredients.
  • Our specialized extraction technique for your congested skin.
  • Cozy treatment rooms complete with soothing music will comfort you during the treatment, and not forgetting our salon's  hygiene standard.

Dermalogica Skin Treatments

Dermalogica Skin Health System


Refreshing Skin Facial                      250.000 IDR

Deep Cleansing Facial                      250.000 IDR

Calming Skin Treatment                   300.000 IDR

Brightening Skin Facial                    400.000 IDR

Firming Skin Facial                           450.000 IDR